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I am Abdulrahman Ghazal, a petroleum engineer who joined Saudi Aramco in 2018. I am a diligent and industrious specialist, driven by an acute intellect and outstanding proficiency on every project I touch. I am proud of the fact that I always deliver great results and can work after hours depending on how much dedication it would cause into my assignment.

While I am totally captivated in my work, it is no secret that I also have an extensive travel bug. I have gotten the chance to travel new places and learn other people’s way of life, and that has been an eye opener to me. I have travelled across streets of busy New York City to the placid landscapes in Bali and felt blessed for that.

In addition, I have also developed video editing as my free time hobby. To me, it is a creative transaction and the continuous presentation of my artistic nature. I love creating visual stories and always want to develop new skills because of this pleasure.

Lastly, I consider myself a lifelong learner and seek continuous self-improvement in all areas of my life. To this end, I appreciate the chances that have been availed to me and dedicatedly look forward to the future.

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Scoops Abroad is an interesting travel-blog which provides great information to all explorers. Scoops Abroad: The Ultimate Travel Planning Resource From travel tips and itineraries to destination guides, insider knowledge. Scoops Abroad is the ideal tool for finding different places of interest to travel regardless of your level as a traveler.

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Abdulrahman Ghazal

About Scoops Abroad